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Pupil Progress

Pioneer School tracks students’ progress over time using the national benchmark of Progression Guidance (for more information click here).  Additionally, progress is measured using P Scales (for more information click here) and the school’s own data on progress against Key Skill development.  The combination of these assessments allows us to make informed judgements about pupil progress.

Due to the small numbers in each year group and the variable nature of admissions, end of key stage cohorts contain small numbers for statistical analysis.  However, taking account of their different starting points, the proportions of pupils making and exceeding expected progress are high compared with national figures.  The most recent analysis indicates:

  • Progress over time, in the areas of Language and Literacy, Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Number and Using & Applying, shows an average of 91% of pupils appearing within the median and upper quartiles of the Progression Guidance.  Only six students across the key stages registered below the lower quartile in any aspect of the Progression Guidance.  It should be noted that these 6 students are all achieving within National Curriculum levels and progress against Progression Guidance expectations at this level is much more challenging for children with learning difficulties.
  • When measured against P Scale progress pupils in the areas of Language and Literacy, Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Number and Using & Applying, an average of 77% of pupils met or exceeded expected progress.
  • Local data, in Key Skill development, indicates that progress over time for learners is strong across all areas of numeracy and literacy.
  • Pupils in receipt of the Pupil Premium Grant also achieve very well.  Progress for this cohort, when measured against the Progression Quartiles, shows 75% of pupils on average were placed in the upper or median quartile bands for Language & Literacy and 100% for Mathematics.
  • Over their time in a key stage, when measured using P-Scales, 100% of pupils in receipt of the Pupil Premium Grant on average met or exceeded their expected targets in Language & Literacy and Mathematics.
  • P Scale assessments for the last academic year shows that 99% of pupils met or exceeded expectations
  • Data indicates that most pupils make sustained progress throughout year groups across many areas, including English and mathematics, and learn extremely well.
The standards of attainment of almost all groups of pupils are at least in line with expectations with many pupils attaining above this.  This indicates good to outstanding achievement overall.

School Performance Tables

School Performance Tables are published by the Secretary of State annually and can be viewed on the Department for Education website